FILPOW launches new B8 Pro Cordless Leaf Blower

A high-performing cordless work solutions provider, FILPOW, has announced the release of the brand new B8 Pro Cordless Leaf Blower. The Blower is certified by SGS which is the world’s largest testing and certification company. The leaf blower will be available for order in the United States from December 20.

Along with being a 20V cordless facial lead blower, it is also lighter in terms of weight when compared to other counterparts in the market, enabling it to bring out high performance and top-notch quality. Additionally, it is powered via batteries which makes it a better choice for the environment. It is more user-friendly than the prevalent gas-powered ones which make it quieter, lighter, and easier to activate yet still be able to provide enough power.

It is one of the best performers in the cordless leaf blowers category with the 20V battery. Along with having a 20V/4.0AH battery, it also comes with brushless technology that is smaller in size, higher efficiency and has a longer life span compared to other common brush motors. This mechanism allows for the generation of a maximum airflow capacity of 450 CFM and an airspeed of 120 MPH, which blows anything that blocks it.

The total weight of the blower is about 6.7lbs with the battery included. The weight distribution is also on point, this allows the blower to hang at a natural slope with an angle of 30° which is the perfect angle to blow out air. It also has a modified rubber handle, which makes the handling easier and reduces fatigue.

The B8 Pro has a speed dial and a turbo button in a convenient layout that can be easily used by right and left-handed users. The above-mentioned 450 CFM and airspeed of 120 MPH is achieved by the activation of the turbo mode.

Every blower comes with a 3-year warranty that includes tools, batteries, and chargers.


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