FINIS Inc. Goggles becomes an important tool for swimming athletes

FINIS Inc., an international swimming company that designs industry first, highest quality products for swimmers, has announced that its FINIS Smart Goggle has been an important tool for the athletes that helped them train and win medals at the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics.

FINIS Smart Goggle, which are powered by Ciye, allows swimmers to have a view of their splits and results in real-time during their swimming sessions.

These Goggles are a very beneficial tool for swimmers across all levels; from casual swimmers to club swimmers or from beginner to master swimmers, these goggles help with smooth swimming practices as they train for their swims and international competition.

“Congratulations to all of our Team FINIS 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics athletes!” said John Mix, Founder, and CEO of FINIS Inc. “We are delighted that FINIS products have helped athletes around the world excel in their training efforts and perform at their highest levels. FINIS is especially proud to collaborate with our Team FINIS Olympic athletes, medalists, and World Record holders.”

One of the athletes utilizing the goggles during the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics and the World Champion, James Guy, has won three gold medals during these Olympics. He achieved Gold in Men’s 4×200M Freestyle, Mixed 4×100M Medley Relay, and Silver in Men’s 4×100M Medley Relay.

“FINIS products are vital to helping me train to my fullest potential,” said Guy, “The FINIS Smart Goggle is a game-changer. Being able to see my splits to the tenth of a second on every turn enables me to maximize my output. Seeing my finish times in the lens of my goggles without having to look at the pace clock is invaluable to my training for competitions.”

Some of the other FINIS athletes that took part in the recent Olympics are:
• Megan Harris (Australia)
• Olivia Smoliga (United States)
• Zach Harting (United States)
• Cameron McEvoy (Australia)
• Brent Hayden (Canada)
• Tristan Hollard (Australia)
• Gabriela Santis (Guatemala)
• Henri Schoeman (South America)

“The FINIS Smart Goggle is so smart, it’ll become the gold standard for swimmers just as smartwatches have become for competitive runners and fitness enthusiasts,” added Guy.

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