Fahmeeda Choudhry – Successfully Contributing in Preserving the Earth

With each passing day, the imperatives to conserve natural resources are gaining momentum. The world is becoming a better place to live in with effective climate change management. Digital transformations are taking the centre stage with robust eco-friendly products and initiatives.

Many business players are joining this league to mitigate the adverse effects of pollution and deliver sustainable solutions across multiple sectors. One such persona passionate about bringing positive change into society and ecology is Fahmeeda Choudhry.

Fahmeeda started her professional journey in the fashion industry as a Women’s wear Category Head with Cantabil Retail and Ritu Wears. She also provided retail and fashion consulting to an array of reputed brands at the same time. After gaining decades of experience in the fashion and retail world, she recognized the need for sustainable solutions.

Going beyond the traditional ROI fulfillment, today, Fahmeeda stands tall as the Founder and CEO of BamboologyTrends.com – an initiative by Femi Fashions that solely focuses on curating eco-friendly bamboo clothing. Under her aegis, the brand offers tailor-made sustainable fashion solutions to its customers.

About BamboologyTrends.com

Founded in 2020 at Noida, UP, Bamboology Trends is a lifestyle brand committed to reducing carbon footprints globally. The brand is putting its best foot forward in spreading awareness for the same via definite digital marketing and social media marketing strategies.

Defining bamboo as the most sustainable fashion fabric, Fahmeeda is pushing the brand to roll out next-gent clothing made with bamboo. Under her guidance and prowess, Bamboology Trends has emerged as an elite bamboo clothing brand that offers Daywear, Lingerie, Sleepwear, Loungewear, Activewear, Yoga Wear, T-shirts, Masks, Socks, and many other products that make your skin go gaga.

It’s the pool of professionals and their vision to create a lasting impact that makes the company stand out from the crowd. “Our strong team and the vision and mission will stand us apart from the conventional fashion,” says Fahmeeda.

Here’s a quick tour of the distinctiveness of bamboo-driven clothing.

  • Every product for sale is Anti-bacterial
  • The clothing delivered to customers is 100% Anti-odor
  • Products are completely Recyclable, Renewable, and Biodegradable
  • The clothing is fully Organic with No influence of Pesticides
  • Bamboo tree absorbs 5 times more CO2 compare to other equal size of tree and reduces Greenhouse Gases
  • Bamboo requires 1/3 Amount of Water to grow as compared to grow cotton.
  • Bamboo is an All-season fabric because of its thermo-control properties
  • Bamboo produces 35% More O2 daily compare to other trees
  • Bamboo fabric protects from UV Rays and is Non-irritant
  • The clothing is Anti-static, Soft as silk, and Stronger than steel.

Accepting Challenges with Agility

Fahmeeda has seen the transformation of traditional EBO or single store operation to Multi-brand outlets and chain of fully-owned/franchisee stores. She deeply acknowledged the e-commerce evolution, tech-enabled advancements, and upcoming trends to handle multiple stores, optimize budgets, and generate customer satisfaction.

When adopting new SOPs and tech like Big Data dropped in as a challenge, she developed the capabilities to learn quickly and implement it accordingly. Even the complex process of product replenishment to branding and ever-increasing customer demands were strategized to reap the best possible outcomes.

I see myself to be recognized not just as a women entrepreneur but also want to be recognized as a person who created an impact on society and nature. I would like to see BamboologyTrends.com as the torchbearer of sustainable fashion and will be able to create a global impact

Fahmeeda always has faith in her strengths and is confident enough to convert every challenge into an opportunity. To tackle the challenges of a male-dominated society, she says “To handle such a situation is to be grounded, speak less and keep on working toward your goal like Ant. Never appreciate yourself and let people appreciate you as your action speaks louder than words.”

Keep Going Despite All Odds

Fahmeeda is highly influenced by ant’s abilities to never settle and keep going whatever it takes. It helps her to stay committed to achieving company as well as personal goals. Besides, learning from past failures to become future-proof and developing robust decision-making capabilities is her forte.

For her, the biggest achievement and strength in life is her family which gives her the ability to keep going despite all odds and reach the epitome of success. Talking about being self-determining she says: “I feel content with whatever I have done so far and will continue to do something that gives me an inner satisfaction. I don’t like to sit idle and I believe that there are bigger reasons for my existence.”

She believes that the next decade would witness highly sustainable changes promoting exclusive eco-friendly products and services.

“I see myself to be recognized not just as a women entrepreneur but also want to be recognized as a person who created an impact on society and nature. I would like to see BamboologyTrends.com as the torchbearer of sustainable fashion and will be able to create a global impact,” states Fahmeeda.

Advice to the Newbies

Fahmeeda’s advice to all emerging women professionals is to focus on their career with a defined goal. Creating credibility with persistence and commitment is what she believes in and recommends it to the women who want to create a niche in their respective sectors. She wants every woman to go beyond the traditional shackles of a male-dominated workplace. She suggests the newcomers keep doing hardwork and they will surely succeed in whatever they do.

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