Employment is gaining speed: CompTIA analysis

CompTIA, short for Computer Technology Industry Association, recently announced an analysis that they undertook as the effects of the pandemic are seemingly reducing. They conducted a study on four metrics across the Information Technology (IT) industry – sector employment, occupation employment, the unemployment rate, and employer job postings, and have concluded that there is a steady increase in employment across the industry.

CompTIA is a non-profit organization that is an advocate for an ecosystem of $5.2 trillion in information technology and around 75 million professionals who make and maintain the technology that defines and empowers the global economy.

The release from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) says that around 14,200 new jobs were added across the national tech sector in October. Employment in the sector has seen a lot of improvement in the last three to four months. Other than this, it says that the addition of 142,00 job positions has been opened in this month. There is also a decrease in unemployment from 3.5% in September to 2.8% recently. The US national unemployment rate currently 6.9%.

There were 238,815 job postings for the core IT positions as of October. 72,100 postings for software and application development were listed that made for almost one-third of the postings. The other positions that were high in demand in the last few months were: IT support specialists, system analysts, system engineers, and architects, and IT project managers. Around 23% of the positions offered work from home (WFH) to their employees.

Cities like Washington, Dallas, San Francisco, Seattle, and Boston have reported the best of their employment rates in many months. Few other cities, namely, Washington, Dallas, New York, Los Angeles were the top metropolitan cities for IT employment rates.

The analysis for the month of November can be accessed on CompTIA’s official website.

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