Color&Co, The Transformative At-Home Personalized Hair Color Brand By L’Oréal, Expands Into Semi-Permanent With The Launch Of Color Gloss Conditioners

Color&Co, a subsidiary of L’Oréal that mainly focuses on personalized hair color, has upgraded to a semi-permanent hair color brand with the launch of its latest product line, the Color Gloss Conditioner.

This conditioner will available in six different shades and is a weekly treatment that terminates brassy tones, makes hair more vibrant and that too for a longer amount of time, which ultimately gives a salon-fresh look and feel in less than 10 minutes.

With the conditioning ingredients in it, the conditioner adds to the overall health of the hair, all the while moisturizing and nourishing hair.

“Our Color Gloss Conditioners provide the perfect solution for refreshing and maintaining color-treated hair between color applications so fading can become a thing of the past. Additionally, they are a commitment-free way to tone and deposit color-correcting pigments on both regular color users and non-users alike,” comments Deb Rosenberg, Color&Co’s AVP of Education and lead in-house colorist.

Color&Co has seen a 16x increase in total sales in the past year of their Personalized Colorbox, through which the customers were able to get excellent at-home color results through communicating with the expert’s in-house colorists.

“28% of at-home hair color product users wish there were more semi-permanent hair color options,” states Olivier Blayac, General Manager of Color&Co. “The Color Gloss Conditioner is a way to enhance the experience for our clients by providing an add-on recommendation through our online color quiz to maintain their customized shade between Personalized Colorbox applications. It is also available to purchase on its own for users who are hesitant to commit to permanent dye and are looking to achieve subtle results,” adds Blayac.

As previously mentioned, the conditioners will be available in six shades with all them aimed towards eliminating brassy tones and at the same time moisturizing hair and boosting its shine.

The six shades are:

  • Cool Down: Eliminates undesired yellow and brassy tones for blonde , brunette and highlighted hair.
  • Cool Red: Bring back a faded brown hair to deep red and maintains the vibrance of the hair. Designed solely for cooler, deeper red tones.
  • Warm Red Copper: Makes the natural red tone stand out more and adds slight hints of red and copper to give hair a perfectly balanced natural and vibrant look.
  • True Red: Adds fiery red and cherry tones to maintain vibrancy.
  • Mahogany Rose: Implements slight hint of pink to color to overall hair tone immediately making any neutral shade stand out.
  • Sun Kissed Gold: Warms up hair color and adds golden tones to blond and brunette hair.

These conditioners are available at their website for $29.90/unit. This product is devoid of any PPD, resorcinol,  sulfates, ammonia, parabens and is cruelty-free.

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