Bridgestone donates an amount of $500,000 to help with transportation for Boys & Girls clubs

Bridgestone Retail Operations, a subordinate part of Bridgestone Americas, recently announced that they will be providing $500,000 to around 40 boys & girls clubs across the United States. This fund will be used by the clubs for better transportation so that the clubs can continue serving the families during this stressful time of pandemic in the winter months. Through their initiative, along with this year’s fund, the company has donated approximately $13.9 million to the Boys & Girls clubs since the year 2015.

Bridgestone Retail Operations is running the largest network of company-owned automotive service providers in the world. They own more than 2,200 service centers across the United States. It is a pat of the Bridgestone Americas and of the Bridgestone Corporation.

President of the BSRO announced, “Our Driving Great Futures partnership with the Boys & Girls of America works to help solve one of the biggest challenges kids and families: getting to and from the clubs safely each day. This year, dependable transportation has taken on a new meaning, as clubs have continued serving communities during challenging times by addressing food insecurity and supporting virtual learning needs. This donation ensures Clubs are armed with reliable, well-serviced vehicles that will allow them to do this important work through the tough winter months.”

“We are so thankful to have Bridgestone as a dedicated partner to our mission. The Driving Great Futures campaign has been critical for Clubs in need every year. Thank you to the network of Bridgestone stores and its customers for another successful campaign year. The funds raised will ensure thousands of kids and teens will get to and from the Club safely this winter season,” says the President and CEO of the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

These allowances will be used for various purposes such as services and repairs of the existing vehicles, purchasing new Club vehicles and getting all the vehicles winter-ready. Other than transportation, Bridgestone also provided the Clubs with COVID-19 Relief Funds earlier this year. The fund totaled to an amount of $1.6 million. This way the company proves its commitment towards helping these Clubs every now and again.

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