Brainalyzed – Enterprise AI platform that makes artificial swarm intelligence accessible for everyone.

Gunter Fischer - Co-Founder at Brainalyzed

About the company and the founder

Brainalyzed is the creator of Brainalyzed Insight, the world’s first artificial swarm intelligence (ASI) platform, making deep learning technology accessible for everyone. Our mission is to democratize AI and create AI solution that reduces costs and risks, increase operational efficiency, and help you take better investment decisions.

Dr. Gunter Fischer is the co-founder and CEO of Brainalyzed, the artificial swarm intelligence platform for finance enterprises. Prior to Brainalyzed, Gunter was an Expert Engineer for machine learning at Nordex Group that offers multi-megawatt wind turbines across the globe. He has 13 patents to his name. Gunter holds an engineering doctorate in technical optimization from Cranfield University, Bedfordshire.


Before Brainalyzed was started, Dr. Gunter Fischer worked for more than 10 years in the renewable energy sector developing self-learning controllers for wind turbines. The goal was to use the time-series data of the wind turbine sensors to make the turbine adapt to local site conditions and improve the energy production within a given load envelope.

They had the choice of over 300 technical sensors within the wind turbine and didn’t know how to combine them to solve the task. Back then, artificial intelligence leapfrogged from being rather an academic exercise to offering real business value with the rise of object detection in pictures.

For these tasks, you could find a lot of good models in the literature already. However, if you have a new problem that no one ever tackled before you need to start with a clean slate. It is difficult to search through all the available inputs and architecture options.

Since the time Dr. Gunter Fiischer got a Ph.D. in technical optimization, he found it intriguing to just pose that problem to an optimizer. This is when the idea of automated evolutionary AI design was born and Brainalyzed happened.

In a short time we have managed to garner some of big names as our customers – Beiersdorf, Baloise Asset Management, Telefonica, and Magna.


Our flagship product

Our flagship product is Brainalyzed Insight, the industry-agnostic swarm AI platform that is used to build custom AI solutions for various use cases and data problems.

Apart from offering custom and POC solutions for businesses, we are currently working on an off-the-shelf, SaaS version of the platform for the investment managers and firms.

The three most differentiators are the way we create models with the aid of automated evolutionary AI design, the flexibility of the data pre-processing which gives the user the chance to combine data from distributed sources, and finally the transparency of our pricing.

Challenges we faced

Currently, the biggest challenge with the AI industry is the ambiguity and misconception that companies place around it. Additionally, the traditional AI industry is monopolized by a few tech giants. High costs and lack of transparency in how AI models are being built limits accessibility to this disruptive technology, particularly for companies that do not have in-house data scientists or a data science team.

Our vision is to change how organizations perceive AI and make this technology accessible to anyone who wants to solve data problem without breaking the bank, through Brainalyzed Insight.

Our plan for the next 5 years

In the long run, we want to use the training data of the hundreds of thousands of training we conduct to improve the process with an AI model itself. It will use the statistical properties of each input and the prediction targets, to suggest a good model initial configuration which is then further optimized with our custom build Genetic Algorithm. Think of it as an AI suggesting an AI model for a given use case.

A few fun facts about the company and team:

  • Highly diverse and distributed team. Some of us haven’t met each other personally despite working together for over a year.
  • The first models were built on a banana farm
  • We’re a team of 10 humans and a swarm of thousands of brains
  • The number of models we have trained since company foundation surpasses the number of Inhabitants of Hamburg.


BY – Gunter Fischer




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