Microsoft names a new leader for Business Development

Microsoft that is the world’s leading provider of software services recently named Christopher Young as the Executive Vice President in Business Development. He will be working directly under Satya Nadella, the Chief Executive Officer of the company. Young has a bachelor’s degree in arts from Princeton University and an MBA from the Harvard Business School. He is a member of the NSTAC, short for the National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee. He is also a board member of American Express and Snap.

Young is respected personnel in the tech and cybersecurity industry. He has worked with the biggest and best companies in the world like Intel, Cisco, AOL, RSA, VMWare, etc. He was the Chief Executive Officer at McAfee before he took his position at Microsoft. He led McAfee and made it an independent company back in 2017.

“I’ve known Chris for many years and have admired his accomplishments as a leader. His experience and skills are an invaluable addition to our company and senior leadership team. We know that for our customers and partners, the next decade of economic development will be defined by the digital investments made today. With Chris’ leadership, the Business Development team will continue to be a key accelerant for our partnerships and new growth opportunities,” praises Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft.

The responsibility of developing global business strategies falls on the shoulder of the new leader. These newly devised strategies will drive the increased growth of the company. This includes venture investments, joint ventures, and alliances that are a part of the evaluation and execution of strategies.

Young says, “The pace of change in our world is accelerating, and technology-driven experiences that are more connected, interactive, and intelligent are the drivers. It is great to be joining Microsoft, to help lead this transformation in the way we work and live.”

With this new development, Microsoft aims at improved efficiency and better strategies in their business.

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