Mavix grows its portfolio of gaming chairs with release of M4

Mavix Gaming, a company that is highly technical with expertly designed gaming chairs and accessories, announced the release of M4, the brand’s most bold and colorful chair.

The user friendly chair has been added to the portfolio of other gaming chairs from the company which includes the M5, M7 and M9. The chairs will be available for online purchase from, shipping on Oct 30th. M4 is lowest costing chair offered by the company with base price being $444.

“Mavix is an advocate for healthy gaming, whether an esports athlete, streamer or everyday gamer, the overall health of the gaming community is our top priority,” said Tony Mazlish, Mavix CEO and Founder. “We truly believe Mavix is for everyone, and by launching the M4 we’ve made an ergonomic, supportive and comfortable gaming chair accessible for all.”

Some of the features that makes the M4 stand out are:

  • Designed specifically for gamers to be supported as well as stay cool during their gaming sessions
  • Comes in 4 color options- black, green, red and blue allowing the chair to express the game’s personal style and personality
  • The chair has Mavix Mesh and a Space Mesh seat, provides a comforter sitting experience for gaming sessions.
  • Mavix Mesh is a tested addition to the chair which is set to the ideal tension to give support and comfort for the body.
  • Features a fixed back recline function, which results in a fluid angle and the ability to M4’s seat at any angle that the gamer requires.
  • Comes with the brands proprietary Dynaimc Variable Lumbar Support, which adjusts itself according to the movements of the gamer and provides the necessary amount of support to the lower back.

M4 along with the other chairs in the series were designed with the keeping ergonomics and comfort of the gamer in mind. The chairs are developed by a team that combines people that have over 20 years worth of experience in designing ergonomic office chairs and a group of gamers, to deliver a all-round product.

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