WOWorks Brands Give Guests a Healthy “Tax Break” with New Tax Day Promotion

For the first time, WOWorks family brand of companies Saladworks, Frutta Bowls, The Simple Greek, and Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh, are all taking part in a promotion that includes giving out special menu items for just $5.17 all day to their customers on Tax Day.
All four brands are mixing in their specialty ingredients to provide customers with a healthy and nutritious meal on May 17.

Saladworks, one of the nation’s leading create your own salad brand, will be selling any wrap for $5.17. Moreover, Frutta Bowls, one of the fastest-growing superfood café, will be offering any of its toasts from its assorted menu for the price of $5.17.
The Simple Greek, a brand of fast Greek restaurants, will be offering all its pitas for $5.17 and finally, Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh, a leading fast-casual Mediterranean restaurant brand, will be offering its items from the Handheld menu for $5.17.
“We wanted to introduce these offers across our WOWorks family of brands to help our guests celebrate the end of tax season with a variety of nutritious and flavorful options,” said Mark Mears, Chief Marketing Officer of WOWorks. “From wraps and pitas to gyros and toasts, now there is something for everyone to love about Tax Day. Our mission is to help our guests pursue their passions and live their best life. Providing these healthy “Tax Breaks” is just another way we want to be relevant during what has been an extraordinary year.”
WOWorks brands, which is completely owned by, Central Lane Partners, LLC, all share a common trait that includes serving fresh, flavorful food with hospitality via easy business channels. Through these traits, the brands are more appealing to this generation of people.

When all of their brands combined, WOWorks is in 215 locations across the United States. Saladworks branches increased by 40 units and has reached places like Canada, California, Tennessee, Rhode Island, Ohio, Florida, and Indiana. Places like hospitals, universities, food trucks, grocery retails, have given a boost to their already flying numbers. There’s also more planned for 2021, which includes a huge deal with Ghost Kitchen Brands.
The Simple Greek now has 25 locations, Frutta Bowls has 34 locations, and Garbanzo has 24, with increased growth expected for both Frutta Bowls and Garbanzo in the coming year, including co-branded restaurants.

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