Unitree Technology Company’s First Robotic Arm Collaborates with Quadruped Robot

Unitree Technology has announced the launch of its new robotic arm Z1. A meeting was held on 20th December where discussions took place regarding quadruped robots and robotic arms with Unitree Technology answering many inquiries about their robotic arm.

Unitree Technology has released a video that showcases its robotic arm that is attached to the head of the quadruped robot. With the robotic arm, the quadruped robot will be able to perform more tasks like picking up objects, opening, and closing doors, etc.

“The robotic arm is essentially necessary for quadruped robots. It can be used to fulfill different application requirements of industry and family services. The development prospect of a robotic arm is broad. Both industry applications and offline stores are becoming our goal,” said Wang Xingxing, CEO of Unitree Technology.

The CEO of Unitree said, “The robotic arm is currently in a stage of rapid development with the evolution and direction of technology. But we hope that it will enter our lives immediately. The current problem is cost control and the improvement of intelligence.”

With the robotic arm, the quadruped robots are able to accomplish more tasks than it can alone and as time goes by, programmers will be able to come up with more uses for this useful combination. For now, Unitree is trying to classify this combination of robotic arms and quadruped robots and make industry standards.


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