The “Shenzhen Stories” Promotion Event commenced in Beijing on June 21


The “Shenzhen Stories” Promotion Event commenced in Beijing on June 21, organized jointly by the Beijing Service Bureau for Diplomatic Missions and the Publicity Department of the CPC Shenzhen Municipal Committee.

The event attracted around 200 participants, including diplomatic envoys from different countries in China, representatives from international organizations, and media personnel. They gathered in Beijing to explore Chinese traditional culture and learn about Shenzhen’s contributions to China’s modernization, as reported by the Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government.

Luxembourg’s ambassador to China, Marc Hubsch, delivered a speech expressing his observation that Shenzhen’s growth reflects its spirit of openness and the driving force behind China’s economic progress. Hubsch, having visited Shenzhen on multiple occasions, views it as a city where people live harmoniously with nature, possessing a rich cultural heritage.

The promotion event comprised three main components: a cultural experience related to the Dragon Boat Festival, a themed exhibition called “Shenzhen Stories,” and a dance drama named “Wing Chun.” Activities such as making Zongzi (traditional rice dumplings), wearing sachets and woven bracelets, and taking photos in traditional attire deepened participants’ understanding of Chinese traditions.

During the event, the exhibition showcasing renowned Shenzhen brands narrated and elucidated the “Shenzhen Stories,” garnering tremendous applause from the diplomatic envoys. They acknowledged Shenzhen as China’s window to reform and opening up, presenting a splendid embodiment of Chinese modernization.

According to Marc Hubsch, Shenzhen serves as the forefront of China’s reform and opening up, epitomizing the country’s rapid development. The progress witnessed in Shenzhen exemplifies its spirit of openness and the vigorous impetus driving China’s economic growth.

Later in the evening, Chinese and foreign guests enjoyed the Shenzhen-produced dance drama “Wing Chun,” which artfully combines two national intangible cultural heritages: “Wing Chun” and gambiered Canton gauze. This performance seamlessly integrates traditional martial arts with contemporary dance, highlighting the unique allure of Lingnan culture and showcasing Shenzhen’s spirit in the new era.

The diplomatic envoys lauded the dance drama “Wing Chun” after watching it, affirming its embodiment of Chinese traditional cultural traits and its ability to narrate stories about Shenzhen, Guangdong, the Greater Bay Area, and even China through the beauty of dance and martial arts.

During an on-site interview, Greek ambassador to China, Emmanuel Stantzos, commented, “I would describe Shenzhen as a place that is constantly evolving, which is positive as it keeps you engaged. I encourage people to visit Shenzhen and experience this transformation.”

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