The PEDIGREE Foundation announced a grant of $1 million to find homes for homeless pets

Pet adoption and nurturing have increased across the USA in 2020. But due to the on-going situation, the rescue of the animals has become a bigger challenge for the rescuers. To support this cause, the PEDIGREE Foundation has announced that it will be donating $1 million. This will ensure that more and more pets will be looked after and find loving homes. With this grant, the foundation aims to rescue and provide shelter for more than 150,000 dogs.

This is one of the annual grants from the foundation to around 167 organizations across the country to improve the lives of many canines. These initiatives hike up the adoption rates and help in alleviating pet homelessness. They also provide donations for disaster relief and other causes to support the life of pets. Their grants for the year 2020 include:

  • DOGS RULE grants: $100,000
  • Transportation grants: $10,000- $50,000
  • Partner grants: Varying amounts
  • Disaster relief grants: $40,000 so far
  • Program Development grants: $5,000- $10,000
  • Role Model Shelter grants: $50,000
  • American Rescue Dog Show grants: $100,000

Since its establishment in 2008, it has provided around 5,700 grants of $9 million. They anticipate more grants may be given by the end of this year.

“The pandemic made everything from care, to transport, to adoption more difficult, yet shelters and rescues have responded with innovation and resilience. We are thrilled to support their tireless work towards ending pet homelessness, and with a nearly 20 percent increase in our grantmaking this year, we anticipate we can help more than 150,000 dogs find loving homes,” says Kimberly Spina, President, Board of Directors, PEDIGREE Foundation.

The foundation is encouraging people to buy goods from the DOGS RULE online store to support their cause of helping all the four-legged friends. Their merchandise includes many new products with their new design that shows a hand holding a paw.

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