Super Sliders and Gorilla Glue come together for new line of products

Super Sliders and Gorilla Glue have collaborated to develop and offer a new line of products involved in surface protection . The new line will be called “Super Sliders with Gorilla Glue Technology”.

With the two of them together, these products will bring next level surface protection along with the adhesive capabilities of the Gorilla Glue. As a team, they will be working together to develop other products that will outperform anything else on the market .

“We couldn’t be more excited to be partnering with the team at Waxman. The combination of Gorilla Glue technology and Super Sliders premium felt, and bumpers are a perfect fit, and we look forward to raising the bar in the surface protection space!” said Aaron Fromm, Marketing Director at Gorilla Glue.

Larry Waxman, Owner/CEO of Waxman CPG, stated, “Partnering with Gorilla Glue has given us the opportunity to offer our customers premium felt pads and bumpers with top-grade adhesive that we stand behind and look forward to expanding what it means to protect surfaces in the homes of our customers.”

Some of the characteristics of this line of products include:

  • 60% thicker felt
  • For increased protection, EVA foam bottom present
  • A pull strength of 36 lb.
  • 20% higher binge strength
  • Has the ability to last 3 times longer than a standard felt

The line also includes felt self-stick pads in different sizes that protect hard surfaces. Along with that, red bumpers to protect drawers and cabinets.

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