Smart Tracking Technologies, LLC and Petriage announce partnership

A pet health technology company, Petriage, has announced its unique collaboration with Link Smart Pat Wearable by Smart Tracking Technologies LLC. Smart Tracking Technologies is a leader when it comes to smart pet wearables which is a fast-growing market.

This new collaboration will allow Petriage to combine its health data of the pet which is recorded in real-time via its AI symptom analysis tool with Smart Tracking Technologies’ Link Smart Pet Wearable device. Hence, current Link users will be able to have access to Petriage’s symptom analysis tool and can also have full access to Petriage Live for a monthly fee. Petriage Live is basically a Veterinary Nurse Helpline that is available 24/7.

The Link Smart Pet Wearable comes with a number of features that alert its users of their pet’s wellbeing. The device is also very intuitive and sleek and designed in a way that satisfies all pet needs which ranges from location and activity monitoring to safety features. Some of the other features include a built-in training tool, a flashlight, and access to vet records. And for delivery, the top-notch customer service, Link’s app is always supported by a Florida-based concierge team.

The collaboration will also enable Link users to use Petriage’s connected care service which connects veterinarians and upwards of 500,000 pet parents by proving them with the ability to look after their pet’s health in a much better way.

Petriage’s Analysis tool has an accuracy of 97%+ in regards to informing the pet parents about the urgency to seek care for their pets, which will be based upon the information that will be put in by the user. To add to it, Petriage’s 24/7 Nurse Helpline will provide the pet parents with the necessary advice after the usage of the analysis tool.

“We’re pleased to partner with Petriage.  We believe their teletriage app, trusted relationship with vets and pet parents, and planned pet wellness advances will help us continue to transform and further enrich pet care,” said Donny Lamey, CEO of Smart Tracking Technologies. “Our partnership helps us provide a complete ecosystem for pet engagement, including health and wellness that will benefit every pet parent and veterinarian that treats their pets.”

“Our partnership with Smart Tracking Technologies is a groundbreaking advance for Petriage because it further establishes our commitment to innovation by integrating pet wearable data from Link with Petriage’s industry leading symptom analysis tool,” said Petriage CEO Joe Coury.

Adds Dr. Shlomo Freiman, Petriage’s co-founder and Chief Veterinary Officer, “From Petriage’s earliest days, I envisioned a future in which historical and real-time pet wearable data would be combined with observational data inputted by pet parents and incorporated into an AI-Driven symptom analysis tool. We are actively working to establish the parameters of wearable data that will trigger proactive medical alerts and expect to start beta testing during the second half of 2022.”


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