Professor Andrew Madan Ramroop OBE CMTT

Renowned Bespoke Tailoring Expert Continues to Shape Fashion Elegance

Tailoring is an art that transcends time, creating garments that are not just clothes but reflections of individuality and sophistication. Tailoring services for suits and other garments play a pivotal role in the world of fashion, ensuring that individuals can do clothing that not only fits impeccably but also reflects their unique style. These services involve skilled tailors meticulously crafting garments to individual measurements, creating a personalized and comfortable fit.

From suits that exude professionalism to garments that make a statement, these skilled tailors bring visions to life, one stitch at a time. Professor Andrew Madan Ramroop OBE CMTT (CEO of Maurice Sedwell) is an influential leader and a distinguished Ultra Bespoke Tailor with notable leadership qualities and a strong personality. His leadership at Maurice Sedwell continues to shape the landscape of Savile Row, blending tradition with contemporary relevance.

Meet The Renowned, Influential Ultra Bespoke Tailor 

Prof. Andrew is a highly acclaimed figure in the bespoke tailoring industry, renowned for his expertise, innovation, and commitment to excellence. Born with a passion for tailoring, his journey from Trinidad & Tobago to the prestigious Savile Row in London is a testament to his dedication to mastering the craft. Recalling his past, Prof. Andrew states, “Ever since I have known that I could stop full-time education and ‘learn a trade’, my ambition was to become a tailor. It is said of the privileged, ‘Some are born with a silver spoon in their mouths, but for me, it could be said that I was born “with a tailor’s thimble in my finger”.

He swiftly mastered the art of crafting trousers and jackets. During his apprenticeship, he heard that the rich and renowned, including Hollywood stars and industry leaders, had their suits tailored on Savile Row. And the influential leader wanted to be a part of this remarkable environment. By July 1970, he had saved enough to purchase a boat ticket, embarking on a journey from Trinidad & Tobago to Savile Row. His remarkable path took shape from this point, paving the way for a journey filled with notable achievements and experiences.

In 1974, Prof. Andrew joined Maurice Sedwell, and after a fourteen-year tenure, he felt it was the best moment to embark on his own bespoke tailoring venture. Having overseen all aspects of operations, from strategy to cutting, fitting, and tailoring, he was ready for a new chapter. However, Mr. Maurice Sedwell initially hesitated at the idea of his departure. So, he proposed an alternative solution to Prof. Andrew – if he could secure the funds, he should consider purchasing the business. That’s precisely the path the distinguished tailor decided to take. Hence, he became the CEO of Maurice Sedwell.

Unveiling Exquisite Tailoring Craftsmanship

Maurice Sedwell is synonymous with Ultra Bespoke Tailoring, creating subtly distinctive designs, impeccably fitting garments, and setting itself apart with a unique silhouette and handcrafting method. It offers no RTW or MTM but has ultra bespoke tailors exclusively. The tailoring company continues redefining bespoke tailoring standards, creating garments that are not just worn but celebrated. Today, it continues to uphold its commitment to bespoke excellence under the guidance of Prof. Andrew.

Furthermore, it can perplex potential customers in a Savile Row landscape where every establishment claims to offer bespoke tailoring. Hence, Prof. Andrew decided to distinguish the Savile Row-based company by crafting a distinctive silhouette, style, and method of handcrafting. Developing a house style versatile enough for business, leisure, or formal occasions was crucial.

The certified master tailor strongly opposes the notion of a standard suit resembling replicas from other tailors. “My objective is to be outstanding in an interesting way and not create seasonal fashion but to focus on styles that would outlast fashion and have longevity,” says Prof. Andrew.

Signature Elements of Maurice Sedwell

The Savile Row-based company  Maurice Sedwell presents three distinctive designs – Signature Curve, Signature Delta, and Signature Sport. In addition to this, the company prioritizes purposeful styling, allowing customers to express their individuality through their clothes. Introduced at the Federation of Merchant Tailors exhibition in 1976, its silhouette has evolved over the years, undergoing refinements to remain relevant and purpose-driven.

It aims to create an optical illusion of a slimmer waist by positioning the pocket details, softly constructed handcraft tailoring, and interesting luxurious cloth. “Unique features include a chest pocket harmonized with shoulder shape, angled side pockets with mirrored flaps, roll sleeve crowns, slight pergola shoulders, and a subtly built-up chest, setting Maurice Sedwell apart from other Savile Row tailors,” says Prof. Andrew.

Balancing Tradition and Innovation

As a certified master tailor, Prof. Andrew states that to stay relevant and balance tradition and innovation at Maurice Sedwell, he and his team focus on offering wearable and less fashionable styles. He further adds that fashion trends align with RTW and follow seasonal trends. Meanwhile, “style” expresses one’s personality, lifestyle, and purpose. “We maintain true traditional values in hand craftsmanship; it is sartorial art, sculpting cloth around a human body for style, comfort, and elegance. Our styles outlast ‘fashion trends’,” proudly asserts Prof. Andrew.

Facing Challenges Head-on  

When confronted with challenges, leaders demonstrate resilience and strategic thinking to navigate complexities. Successful leaders overcome challenges and leverage them as stepping stones for organizational growth and innovation. Similarly, Prof. Andrew faced challenges such as a shortage of highly skilled craftsmen & women and extortionately high rents and business rates, where landlords did not value or appreciate the international reputation tailors had brought to Savile Row and Mayfair. However, he didn’t give up and turned them into opportunities for growth and success. As a result, he founded the Savile Row Academy in 2008, which stays true to its values and leverages the Savile Row legacy.

Focus on Sustainability

Prof. Andrews, a distinguished figure renowned for his expertise in bespoke tailoring and CEO of Maurice Sedwell, believes that both direct and indirect costs significantly impact the future trajectory of Savile Row. Over the past five decades with Maurice Sedwell, he has witnessed the transformation of the landscape.

Back in the early seventies, Savile Row had just one RTW shop but today, RTW dominates the scene. Unfortunately, there is a surge in the number of pretenders masquerading as bespoke tailors. Since these impostors are present in the majority, they drive the cycle of trends because their purpose is to ‘pack them high and sell them cheap’ and discredit genuine fashionable trends to boost sales.

On the other hand, in the ultra bespoke trends, Prof. Andrew and his company focus on Sustainability. By creating handmade garments that outlast fleeting fashion trends, Maurice Sedwell aims to minimize its carbon footprint and embraces the resurgence of double-breasted suits that align with its commitment to enduring style and quality craftsmanship.

Golden Milestones and Achievements

Key achievements and milestones serve as pivotal markers, reflecting the success and vision of a company. In May 1938, Maurice Sedwell started his business. His crowning achievement came in 1956 when he won the Gold Medal in a national tailoring competition, surpassing all competitors from Savile Row, the city, and the West End. Following this triumph, he relocated from Fleet Street to the first floor of 9-10 Savile Row.

Likewise, in 1974, Prof. Andrew joined the company directly from the London College of Fashion after completing a three-year degree in two years. He has garnered an unparalleled array of accolades and awards in the history of tailoring. Some of the noteworthy recognitions include “Professor for Distinction in the Field of Tailoring” by the University of the Arts, London, the Mayor of London ‘Trailblazer Award,’ and the distinction of being the only practicing tailor honored with the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (OBE).

Future Aspirations

In honor of Mr. Maurice Sedwell, Prof. Andrew intends for the tailoring company to evolve into a timeless luxury brand, ensuring that the name lives on into perpetuity. This can be achieved by upholding their legacy of ultra-bespoke tailoring, diversifying their offerings to semi-bespoke suits, and incorporating additional clothes such as casual luxury cloth, leatherwear, perfumery, knitwear, and more. This will solidify Maurice Sedwell’s position in the world of luxury and sophistication.

Upcoming Developments

2024 is a landmark year for Prof. Andrew because he will celebrate 50 years at Maurice Sedwell. He anticipates the publication of this autobiography, the launch of Savile Row Bespoke Academy (SRBA), and the production of a film documenting his journey from Port of Spain to Savile Row.

Leadership Style

When asked to describe his leadership style and what leadership principles he prioritizes, Prof. Andrew states, “My style is a mixture of principles, sometimes Situational, laissez-faire and Motivational. I empower people to make decisions but could be somewhat autocratic if standards are not maintained to the level that we set ourselves. Mentorship is vital in harnessing talent and ability. However, the team’s aptitude and attitude are of paramount importance in achieving persistent standards.

Key Qualities And Skills

As a distinguished leader known for his exceptional contributions to the field of tailoring, Prof. Andrew believes one of the key qualities and skills necessary for a successful entrepreneur is embracing a customer-centric approach by surpassing the clients’ expectations and demonstrating genuine care. He also emphasized cultivating a supportive team that is invested in both their own success and yours. “A team should feel that they are working for themselves, their future, and their lifestyle – not for a boss. Motivation often comes from within oneself,” states Prof. Andrew.

Advice to Entrepreneurs

For aspiring entrepreneurs, Prof. Andrew advises, “Every human being on this earth has one thing in common – we all wear clothes of some sort or the other. I would encourage aspiring tailors to be trained holistically, aim to become a true master tailor, and enjoy the discovery of learning new ideas. Be emotionally connected with your ambitions.”

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