PMO Partners, LLC: A Premier IT Project Management Consulting Firm Finding Elite Talents

The hiring process can be tedious for some organizations because it naturally takes time and effort. Because of this, several companies struggle to find enough time to complete projects effectively. It takes a lot of time for the hiring managers and the human resources team to review all the applications from prospective employees. Additionally, there are times when just a small percentage of the applicants in this pool are qualified for the position.

As a result of the constant need to hire the best talent but the infrequent availability of the time to do so, companies now view recruitment firms as a necessity. Equipped with expertise and experience, these firms understand the requirements of the job market and ensure that their clients are never short of talented and skilled professionals. Along with this, the majority of reputable recruitment firms have access to a sizable talent pool of referenced and pre-screened applicants. PMO Partners, LLC is one such reputable recruitment firm that helps companies quickly fill job vacancies, which, in turn, saves them from incurring possible losses. This means clients will have to only see candidates who have been carefully assessed and vetted.

PMO Partners was founded by Brian Abrams (Founder and President) in 2014. The leading firm is a niche staffing company specializing in helping its clients find elite Project Management and Business Systems Analyst talent. It is the only staffing firm solely focused on this niche and is committed to serving this community. Every search that the leading firm performs is unique and customized to help its clients achieve their definition of success. PMO Partners leverages a proven recruitment process that is designed to uncover candidates who will excel within the client organization.

Furthermore, clients love and prefer to use services offered by Brian and his team because they understand their challenges and are committed to helping them. The team has pledged to deliver innovative solutions that exceed expectations and reflect the needs of the project and the organization. “We work with some of the best-known organizations in the country. We stand out from our competition by being experts in our domain and having a genuine interest in building strong, long-term relationships with our clients and candidates,” says Brian.

The Multi-Talented Leader Behind PMO Partners’ Success And Growth

Brian currently serves as the Founder and President of PMO Partners. Along with sales and recruiting, he manages the company’s strategic direction and oversees a great delivery and operations team. The multi-talented leader started his career working for some small and large staffing firms, honing his skills and building his expertise.

He also had the opportunity to work as an internal recruiter for a few well known companies, which allowed him to see things from that perspective. “I took all these experiences and utilized those experiences when building PMO Partners. Also, I was fortunate to have several great mentors along the way,” says Brian.

Under his exemplary leadership and guidance, PMO Partners has accomplished many enviable milestones and achievements. But as a small staffing agency, it is delighted to work with some of the world’s most famous organizations. The leading staffing agency is really proud that these well-known clients put their trust in it to identify talent for them.

Facing Challenges Head-On

As a company grows, different challenges and opportunities require different solutions; what worked last year might not be the best course of action today.  It took a long time, but PMO Partners is now known as the go-to company for IT Project Management staffing. For Brian, one of the biggest challenges was name recognition, and he developed his company’s reputation through referrals and cold calling.  Learning from previous mistakes and challenges were key to PMO Partners’ growth. “When you start up, you will face some challenges you weren’t prepared for.  That is OK because it is part of the growth process.  You apply what you learned and it gives you more confidence moving forward” says Brian.

Follow a Unique Strategy

Competition exists in every market. As a result, you must develop strategies for staying one step ahead of your competitors to build a successful company. When you know what you need to do in the following months, you can ensure that you have a sound strategy that can make or break your firm. As a result, you won’t be forced to react to your competitor’s actions rather than make strategic plans and effective use of your resources.

Brian follows a unique strategy that gives him and his company, PMO Partners an edge over the others. He has worked with a group of industry professionals who advised him on what was happening in the market. Hence, he believes that it is crucial to surround yourself with people who are aware of market trends and can offer you advice because, as an owner, you could be too “in the weeds” to perceive what is happening outside of your immediate environment.

Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic On The Staffing And Recruiting Industry

According to Brian, in several ways, the pandemic actually benefited the industry significantly; clients became much more open to recruiting employees who could operate remotely from anywhere in the country. In addition, it allowed for a better work/life balance and the ability for people to execute their jobs to a high standard without having to commute. However, there are some key areas where significant improvement is needed. And the multifaceted leader believes Ghosting is a severe issue in the business world today, as he has witnessed it with both candidates and companies. “We need to get back to a point where we have genuine consideration for people’s time and efforts,” says Brian.

Key Milestone Set for Year 2023

Entrepreneurs establish their companies with an emphasis on success. However, having a fantastic idea alone is insufficient. A long-term roadmap with relevant business milestones is required, and this makes it easier to break down big goals into manageable tasks. Under the guidance of Brian, PMO Partners is looking to set another record in sales in 2023 and is hoping to double its team size in the near future.

Source of Motivation

When asked to share his source of motivation, Brian replied, “My first source of motivation is my family. My second motivation is truly my clients; I work with great clients that inspire me to provide them with the best service.

Words Of Wisdom

Being a successful entrepreneur, Brian shares a valuable piece of advice to budding entrepreneurs “1. Become a master of your area of expertise. Make sure that no one is more in tune than you are, and 2. You cannot do everything by yourself – make sure you have people around you that can support you in your business.

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