Pamela D. Kurt

Helping Families Through Their Legal Troubles - The next Female Tony Robbins

“I see people at their worst times in their lives, I am able to be the logic and reason for them during such an emotional time.  In hopes, to allow them to be able to move forward after the legal matter has resolved.  This also led to the coaching business.  The listening, supporting, and coaching young attorneys and clients have become a passion.  I want women to know that it’s ok; needed; and accepted that other women support and encourage other women.  There is nothing wrong with promoting other women.  Everyone has their own glitter to leave behind!  Let them shine and let them know it is ok to do so. Can’t ever have enough glitter!” 



Pamela D. Kurt is a Life Coach for professional women and an attorney.  She lives on the Shores of Lake Erie, Ohio with her husband and their dogs Bailey and Bella.  She has an adult son who is an award-winning movie director and producer.  She currently owns her own law firm KURT LAW OFFICE, LLC.  As a business owner, she is also very active in her community and has held several leadership roles. She has been a guest speaker on various forums and an author of a bestseller, The Successful Women’s Mind-set, 21 Journeys to Success.  Her passion is to support and to empower women to be the best they can!  The most personal enjoyment is when her clients find their own way.  Her private practice created to empower women.  BE THE BEST YOU!  Her coaching program has allowed her clients on a powerful self-discovery journey.


In an interview with The Tycoon Magazine, Pamela sheds light on her professional journey, how she is helping families through their legal troubles. And mentoring, guiding, and coaching professional women to be the best version of themselves.

The Journey

The journey hasn’t been easy but I am grateful for all that I have learned over the years.  The way through the journey is by my faith.  I work without a “net”.  I don’t have a rich family or husband.  I have been able to overcome adversity through my faith in God.

I went back to college as a divorced single mother.  I worked multiple jobs to obtain my education. I received my Associates’s, Bachelor’s, Masters’s, and Doctorate.  I went out on my own and opened a law practice while being a substitute and adjunct college professor.  I have always enjoyed teaching.  Over the years, I want my law practice to be for families that are in need of everyday problems.


Roadblocks and Learnings

The biggest roadblock has been my expectations of others.  I am getting better as time goes on.  I have realized that others don’t always want the same things I would want in a scenario.  I have learned to listen to them and help them realize their goals and dreams not just what I would want or see for them.

The biggest learning is that I can’t believe and force people to do and believe more than they do themselves.  I have found I will believe and invest in people more than they actually are willing to do so.  This as a leader and business owner can cost money and time.  I have to step back and access what someone is actually willing to do to reach their goals.  Not everyone desires to really reach them.

Some of my experiences are based on faith.  When I thought things wouldn’t work out. God has always provided.  Lessons I have learned are that you need to first and foremost take care of you.  If you don’t you won’t have anything to give to take care of the others.  You owe it to yourself and your family.  I have learned this lesson the hard way over the years.

Current Industry Scenario and Future perspective

The current industry is STILL male-dominated.  There are still many innuendoes and unspoken gestures that can be offensive.  I think women that are lawyers are strong!  This is why I also started the coaching business for lady lawyers.  I also want to empower WOMEN lawyers!

Future goals are to continue to develop the coaching business into a national market.  I am currently working on multiple classes and books.  I have already been part of several summits and speaking engagements.  I want to empower women to be the best version of themselves!  I want to be the next female Tony Robbins

Advice to Aspiring women entrepreneurs and professionals  

Even though it’s 2021, women are still the minority in the legal field, we still aren’t at equal pay and there are still more male attorneys.

Some of the stereotypes are we are willing to “give in” in negotiations.  We are willing to do take care of details for any event or project.  We are willing to do follow ups and take responsibilities for all details.  I think one of the general stereotypes are that women are caretakers.  While that is true and very general, women as leaders know how to set the boundaries necessary in business settings to not be taken advantage of.

I would advise to be themselves and confident. I think that mentorship is crucial and if the opportunity presents itself, TAKE IT!

I want anyone I encounter to feel that they can be anything!  They can be the best version of themselves.  If they can Dream it, Believe It, they WILL Achieve it!  I want to be that positive influence to show them they can do it!

Some of Pamela’s Achievements and accolades include:

  • Ohio State Bar Association
  • Lake County Bar Association, President, 2021
  • Geauga County Bar Association
  • Ashtabula County Bar Association
  • Chardon Chamber of Commerce
  • Eastern Lake County Chamber of Commerce
  • Ashtabula County Women’s Club
  • Fine Arts Association, Women’s Committee, Willoughby
  • United Way, Women’s Council
  • American Bar Association, former Advisory Panel
  • Ohio Women’s Bar Association, former Legislative Committee
  • Western Lake County Chamber, former Board Member
  • Forbes House, Women’s Shelter, former Board Member
  • Pay It Forward Foundation of Cleveland, Board Member
  • BNI, Chapter President of Executive Chapter 2015
  • Willoughby Hills, Economic Development Committee 2016
  • Willoughby United Methodist Church, Mission & Social Concerns Committee
  • McKinley Outreach, former Board Member
  • LAB, Learning About Business, former Board Member
  • Joann Davidson Leadership Institute of Ohio, Class of 2013
  • Leadership Lake County, Class of 2015
  • Lake County Planning Commission 2017 to present; Vice Chair 2020-2021


  • Lakeland Community College, Hall of Fame recipient 2010
    Forbes House, Regular Speaker
  • Small Business of the Year, 2010
  • Ohio State Bar Foundation Fellow Class of 2011
  • Women of the Year award NAPW, 2011/2012
  • American Lawyer Media, Top Ohio Lawyer 2013
  • Trademark’s Who’s Who Honor Edition 2015
  • NAFLA, Top 25 Lawyer 2015 and Ranked Top 10 Award
  • American Inst. Of Law Attorney Satisfaction Award, 2016
  • Expert Network, Distinguish Attorney Award, 2016
  • American Inst. Of Family Law, 10 Best Attorney- Ohio, 2016-2017
  • Attorney and Practice Magazine, Family Law, Top 10 Ohio May 2017
  • American Inst. Of Family Law, 10 Best 2018
  • Best Attorney of America, member, Ohio 2018
  • 10 Best Female Attorney in Ohio 2019, Family Law
  • Lawyers of Distinction 2021 Family and Divorce Law
  • Bestselling Author 2021
  • Speaker various venues

She would be honored to help you on your journey!

 Pamela is currently accepting new private coaching clients.  Please contact her at for a consultation to see if this program is right for you.

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