Olympus announces the release of Single-Use Foreign Body retrieval devices

Olympus has announced the release of its new range of single-use Foreign Body Retrieval devices which offers physicians a variety of choices for different needs and at the same time fulfilling infection prevention initiatives.

The new line now offers an even wider variety of specialized single-use grasping forceps that make retrieval for foreign objects, stents, and excused tissue in the body easier. The new line replaces the reusable devices that were previously available.

Foreign objects lodged in various part of the GI tract in our body is very difficult to remove whether it be coins or marbles. In 2019 alone, 501,566 patients came into ER with ingestion of foreign objects across all age groups. Out of those, 106,279 were children aged from less than 1 to 4 years old.

Olympus released these single-use devices as a part of the corporate strategy back in November 2019 to specifically address the procedure-specific requirements, the need for urgent procedure preparation, and improved workflow.

“Infection prevention is of the utmost importance to Olympus and our customers,” said Melinda Benedict, Global Senior Manager of Infection Prevention at Olympus Corporation of the Americas. “In a variety of emergent cases or in situations involving very ill patients, physicians need to have all options for care available. A comprehensive line of single-use grasping forceps provides physicians with the confidence that they will have quick and safe access to the tools they need, where and when they need them.”

In recent years, many clinics have switched from reusable devices to single-use. , Olympus has adapted to these changes by updating its portfolio to satisfy customer and patient demands.


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