Infosys, announced the signing of a strategic partnership with Danske Bank, a leading Nordic Bank.

Infosys, a renowned global provider of cutting-edge digital services and consulting, announced the signing of a strategic partnership with Danske Bank, a leading Nordic Bank. This collaboration aims to expedite the digital transformation initiatives of Danske Bank with agility and scale. By leveraging next-generation solutions, the partnership will assist Danske Bank in achieving its strategic objectives of enhancing customer experiences, achieving operational excellence, and modernizing its technology landscape.

Danske Bank, headquartered in Denmark, offers banking services to individual and business customers, as well as large corporate and institutional clients. In order to accelerate their technology transformation, optimize access to talent and capabilities, and boost productivity, Danske Bank selected Infosys as its strategic partner.

As a part of this collaboration, Infosys will also acquire Danske Bank’s IT center in India, which currently employs more than 1,400 professionals. With its extensive global expertise and industry-specific solutions, Infosys will propel Danske Bank’s digital agenda by significantly enhancing its IT operations and capabilities. This will be achieved through the utilization of Infosys Topaz, an AI-centric suite of services, solutions, and platforms, along with experience design and operational support services.

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