ILIFE launches EASINE W100 Vacuum Cleaner

ILIFE EASINE W100 - One Cordless Cleaning Device Does All

One of the world’s leading robot and handheld vacuum cleaner brands, ILIFE, has announced the launch of cordless wet & dry vacuum cleaner EASINE W100. It comes with an in-one vacuum, wash, and mopping system along with a self-cleaning function making the whole cleaning process easier and time-efficient for the user.

“Consumption upgrade drives cleaning tool to upgrade. In the past three years, we have launched the floor washing machine Shinebot series to help people free from daily tough stains cleaning, and the result turned out to be quite satisfying. Shinebots are highly praised by customers and media worldwide. Upheld the same mission as Shinebot’s, our wet & dry machine W100 is created to be the product line extension of the ILIFE floor washing machine. We want to provide more choices to customers who have different tendentiousness and using habits between vacuum cleaners and handheld cleaners.” Said West Miao, the General Manager of ILIFE.

The W100 was developed in a way that allows for ease in cleaning and at the same time maintains a high quality of performance. It has enough suction power to suck debris of various sizes and also removes stains after wetting them with water. It then mops the water away.

Some of the features include:

  • One-click self-cleaning: W100 has the ability to clean its brush roll and tubes, maintain the hygiene of the user, and prevent dirty messes.
  • Duel-tank design: The W100 has two tanks. One tank contains the clean water that it uses for cleaning purposes whilst the other collects the dust and dirt at the same time.
  • Washable Filter and roller brush: HEPA Filter and its microfiber roller brush can be removed and can be washed by the user to their satisfaction.
  • Exclusive Cleaning Formula: W100 also comes with the company’s floor cleaning formula, which cleans the user’s floors without the use of any harmful chemicals.
  • Visualize: The vacuum cleaner also has an LED display that shows the status of the five main functions with their individual icons and simple descriptions below.
  • Vocalize: It also comes intelligence voice assistant that reminds the users of the status of the vacuum.
  • Nonstop cleaning for 30min: The vacuum can clean for up to 30 minutes on one charge.
  • Cleans under control: The water spray control button is situated under the handle which allows for easy control of the volume of water needed.
  • Light Weight: The W100 only has a weight of about 9.2lbs and with the cordless design, the user can easily carry it to various places in the house.
  • Small dock, large storage: The docking station for W100 has various spots specified for the cleaner itself and its various parts such as the roller brush, HEPA filter, etc.

The ILIFE EASINE W100 is available at Amazon in the U.S for $299.99.


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