HERO Beverage Co launches Line of coffee to honor Chris Kyle

HERO Beverage Co., in collaboration with Taya and Chris Kyle Foundation, has announced the launch of Legend Blend Coffee. This was launched to honor the late Chris Kyle and the non-profit organization created by his wife, Taya Kayle, and complete Chris’ vision of helping military families.

The coffee is made up of ingredients that represent what Chris loved in his life. The coffee is a mix of Central American, South American, and Indonesian coffee to honor the life and legacy of Chris Kyle. Along with the above blends, there are subtle hints of chocolate and tobacco that make it bittersweet yet smooth.

“We are honored to partner with the Taya and Chris Kyle Foundation and help support what Taya and her organization are doing,” said Founder & CEO Michael de Geus, a former Secret Service Agent. “The natural synergy between our brand and Taya’s organization can be seen in our shared values and desire to help those around us remain operational. With this joint effort we will be able to collectively help provide men, women, and children of military and first responder families the support they need to keep themselves operational, whether emotionally, mentally, spiritually, or physically.”

“A partnership like this feels right,” said Taya Kyle, Founder and Executive Director of the Chris & Taya Kyle Foundation. “Working with Hero Beverage Co. has been a great experience. Putting Chris’s image on a coffee blend designed to specifically give back to people who serve, is a perfect match. Chris often said, ‘It’s our duty to serve those who serve us.’ This blend represents not only his love of coffee but his desire to find every opportunity to give back as both a civilian and Navy SEAL. This partnership is a great way to honor Chris’s legacy by continuing to support those who serve.”

The coffee will be available at the website drinkhero.com or from selected retailers around the US. They will be available in whole bean, ground and single-serve pods. A percentage of the proceedings is donated to Taya and Chris Kyle Foundation.

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