Gareth Burgum: Security Solutions for a Changing World

Growth and success, they say, are followed by hard work and commitment to one’s goals. What also accompanies them is risk and the need for a more robust approach to security. The Security Industry, across all of its sectors, is a growth industry. This is a direct result of a constantly changing social and economic climate across a global landscape.

The threats posed to individuals of wealth and public interest is growing, the threats faced by our local communities are growing and the methods and technology used by the criminal element of our society are always evolving and advancing. Increased competition in the market, dependency and the growing value of data has also given rise to evolving and more complex illegal activities across the globe. The recent rearrangements of operations by businesses due to the pandemic leading to restrictive containment measures coupled with stringent government regulations has led businesses and personnel to adopt security systems at various levels.

The rise in illegal activities across the globe coupled with stringent government regulations has led to a surge in the adoption of security systems both manual and automated. This is not scaremongering but an unfortunate stark reality. There are a select few in this world that care enough to step into harm’s way and try and do something to address the balance. Gareth Burgum and The Consec Group are proud members of the exclusive club of those who make this world more secure.

Kickstarting a new Phase

Following exemplary service with specialist elements of the British Army, Gareth retrained as a professional Security Consultant and Close Protection specialist. He gained a vast wealth of knowledge and experience spread over two decades operating globally, culminating in negotiating, planning, and conducting corporate and high-risk security operations throughout the world, specializing in some of the planets most hostile environments. In 2016, he returned to the U.K. and launched Consec Risk Management, successfully expanding to a global entity, and developing it into a group structure capable of providing a complete and unique range of security services and solutions worldwide.

The Consec Group is an executive and dynamic security & risk mitigation services provider. Based in the heart of London and with offices across the UK, in the US, Dubai, Hong Kong and Colombia, it protects and safeguards corporate and private clients on a truly global scale. Its security solutions are a mix of traditional services with technology-led modern thinking, utilising the latest in cutting edge electronic and digital products. The Consec Group works closely with a vast range of clients, covering prominent corporate businesses, UHNW individuals, UK & foreign dignitaries and public figures as well as providing community safety and crime reduction initiatives locally.

The personnel comprise former members of the armed forces, highly experienced security industry professionals and governmental security servicemen and women that have combined their wealth of knowledge to become some of the industry’s finest security officers, close protection operatives, secure chauffeurs, and security consultants. The senior leadership team combines its wealth of knowledge, adaptability and high calibre personnel to ensure that the client’s property, assets, people and reputation are safe and secure.

The Consec Group’s range of bespoke security solutions covers areas such as; Close Protection, Secure Chauffeuring, Surveillance & TCSM, Venue & Event Security, Mobile Response Services, Key Holding & Alarm Response, Concierge & Security Management Services, Risk Management Solutions, Consultancy & Advice. Working in adherence to ISO 9001 and the British Standards, they follow an optimum blend of delivery methodologies on all the projects and operations that they undertake.

Building a Company on Values

For Gareth, the transition into an entrepreneur took patience and a focus on the goal in mind from the outset. As an entrepreneur, he was never scared to ask for help or advice but he was also wise and confident enough to be selective when it came to following them and choosing his sources. He feels entrepreneurs should surround themselves with strong individuals who can support them at all levels. But also cautions them to be prepared for their exit and be willing to look at all candidates. “Some of the best people I have worked with were the ‘wild card’,” says Gareth.

His faith in people, values and his countrymen translates into the company’s emphasis on employing British armed forces veterans, retired police officers and, where possible, buying British. “We were the first security company in our area to sign and adhere to the Armed Forces Corporate Covenant pledge, and also the first security company in the region to join the Living Wage scheme. As a leading security company, we act as an ambassador for Britain to many overseas visitors and countries, and as such we operate to the British Standard’s, which are recognised worldwide for promoting excellence, innovation and efficiency,” adds Gareth.

Leading on all fronts

Individually and collectively Gareth and his team have achieved a lot in the short space of time that they have been trading. From operating on a small select scale to being able to successfully deliver their services on a global scale. This has all been achieved whilst working hard to develop and promote relationships and initiatives to bridge the public and private sector gap. Taking the lead to instigate, at times, difficult conversations and promote clear transparent collaboration. This has led to Consec Risk Management becoming an integral part of several safeguarding initiatives for the local communities.  Gareth feels, “Through The Consec Group, we have been able to actualize our flexible, professional and sincere desire to help and protect those that need it.”


As a well-established entrepreneur today, Gareth has this to say to the budding ones:

“Don’t think, do! No one will take the step for you, believe in yourself and your ideas and go for it. You will be a better and stronger person for it. “

Staying ahead, today and tomorrow

Gareth feels one has to be aware of one’s competition, but not get fixated. While keeping abreast of what they are doing one should focus on their product or service. “Regularly check with staff, clients, customers and consumers to keep you on track and on-point with your delivery,” he adds.

As for The Consec Group, Gareth wants to future proof the business, clearly map the progression of his senior management team to take the business forward with the flexible thinking that he has tried to instill. This will mean adapting to an ever-changing social climate, both on a local domestic and global scale.

“I hope to create a new wave of collaborative thinking helping to bridge the gap between traditional Policing and the Private Sector in order to deliver safer environments for our communities,” concludes Gareth.

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