Formica Group announces Formica Laminate Antimicrobial collection

To satisfy customers with their increasing anti-microbial needs and surface protection, Formica Group has announced the launch of the Formica Laminate Antimicrobial Collection. The collection consists of 20 loved laminate designs that are now available in the United States and Mexico. The designs would come with BioCote technology that protects them from staining and odor-causing microbes.

“Patrons are increasingly aware of what’s accumulating on frequently used surfaces in high-traffic environments, and designers are looking for solutions that don’t compromise on style,” said Mark Ferguson, Director of North American Innovation and Technology at Formica Corporation. “Formica® surfaces have always been loved for their resiliency and cleanability, and these new antimicrobial options bring peace of mind through added function and durability with another layer of protection.”

BioCote silver ions-based technology has been in the industry for the past 20 years. The technology is integrated directly into the surface and offers protection throughout the entire product warranty against staining and odor-causing microbes. In addition, lamination is FDA approved and can be utilized in the food industry in processes like food manufacturing, processing, and handling environments.

During the test period on the lamination, it was found that the Laminate collection inhibited the growth of microbes after 24 hours. Plus, it also prevented the growth of odor-causing mold and mildew growth over the 28-day exposure period.

The collection will be available in 20 different colors with designs ranging from solids to patterns and woodgrains. The collection mixes really well with high-traffic settings such as break rooms, storage cabinets, restaurants, and more.

The collection is now available at participating retailers and distributors.

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