Exact Sciences Acquires PreventionGenetics

Exact Sciences Corp. has announced the completion of its acquisition of PreventionGenetics. This acquisition will add to Exact Sciences Corp. advanced cancer diagnostics portfolio and will also make its entrance into hereditary cancer testing (HCT) are easier. PreventionGenetics is a genetic testing laboratory that has the necessary resources to hasten the availability of HCT and in the process help, a lot of patients know their risk of cancer and other diseases.

“PreventionGenetics is a natural fit with Exact Sciences, and we’re thrilled to have their talented team join in our mission to make earlier cancer detection a routine part of medical care,” said Kevin Conroy, Exact Sciences chairman, and CEO. “We share in PreventionGenetics’ belief that genetics can transform medicine, improve lives, and help eradicate cancer. With our deep relationships in primary care and PreventionGenetics’ strong reputation among genetics specialists, Exact Sciences can help more people understand their inherited risk of cancer to catch it earlier and treat it more effectively.”

Other services provided by Exact Sciences’ are Cologuard and Oncotype DX tests in various specialties such as primary care, women’s health, oncology, etc, which are used by around 300,000 health care providers and greater than 200 large US health systems. In combination with PreventionGenetics, Exact Sciences plans on expanding its portfolio by including hereditary cancer and genetic testing throughout the US and around the world.

PreventionGenetics is a DNA testing laboratory that is CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited. It provides greater than 5,000 predefined genetic tests for nearly all genes that are involved in disorders. These tests are done with absolute precision and are backed by deep sequencing capabilities and over 100 peer-reviewed publications.


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