Ellume COVID-19 allows users to send results to Healthcare providers


After the decision from the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) regarding the approval of the two new antiviral treatments for COVID-19, Ellume, a digital diagnostics company, has announced that along with its COVID-19 Home Test (ECHT), it will also now allow the users to establish direct contact with telemedicine providers. This digital connection will allow quick access to the new antiviral treatments which are required to be administered shortly after infection to work efficiently.

“With growing concern about the threat from the new Omicron variant, people are increasingly turning to rapid at-home COVID-19 tests to help keep themselves and their families safe. By combining these tests with the new antiviral drugs, we have a powerful tool that can help better manage the pandemic and provide peace of mind to everyone concerned about catching or spreading the virus,” said Dr. Sean Parsons, Founder and Chief Executive of Ellume.

The new antiviral therapy needs to be administered after five days or less after the symptoms develop, which means that after a positive test, the patient needs to get connected with a doctor who would prescribe the treatments in a quick time. Ellume’s ECHT, upon a positive test, will automatically connect the patient with a medical professional.

As almost one-quarter of Americans don’t have access to primary health care, Ellume’s test will have the choice of connecting to your own healthcare provider. It could be someone designated by the user or someone from a selection of telemedicine providers in the area. For the antiviral treatment to be maximally efficient, early diagnostics are a necessity which is provided by Ellume.


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