Davide Sartini

Shaping Organizational Excellence with a Human-Centric Approach

In today’s competitive business landscape, HR leaders are no longer simply the hiring department. They have become strategic partners, shaping company culture, fostering a positive employee experience, and driving overall business success. With a talented and engaged workforce at the core, HR leaders play a vital role in an organization’s ability to thrive in the constantly evolving world of work. Davide Sartini, Chief People & Organization Officer at G. Mondini S.p.A., is committed to fostering a positive, inclusive, and innovative work culture. With a focus on the human element, shared values, and continuous improvement, he navigates the challenges of the HR and organizational development landscape, driving G. Mondini toward a future of mutual growth and success.

Davide’s Journey into HR and Organizational Development

A relentless pursuit of organizational development and HR marks Davide’s professional journey. The forward-thinking leader is deeply motivated by the challenge of aligning the potential of individual employees with the broader force of change. Change, when not thoroughly analyzed and communicated, carries the risk of failure, especially if seen as a threat and met with fear. Fortunately, he has encountered environments marked by openness to change and a sense of ownership. This is crucial as it establishes the groundwork for the future, going beyond individual egos and singularities. His journey unfolds as a testament to his adept navigation through the intricate dance of organizational dynamics, where adaptability and collaborative ownership create a fertile ground for sustainable success and resilience in the face of transformative forces.

Over 50 Years of Legacy in Packaging

With a history spanning over 50 years, G. Mondini holds a prominent position in the packaging industry. The company specializes in manufacturing complete lines for dosing and packaging high-quality and reliable food products. Ethical values and a focus on human principles are deeply ingrained in the company’s culture. Emphasizing research and development, along with maintaining cutting-edge technology, forms a central part of their strategies. This approach allows G. Mondini to establish a strong international presence, a testament to the dedication of each employee and the shared values fostered over the years by founders Giovanni and Iole Mondini.

Challenges Faced and Leadership Philosophy

According to Davide, the importance of crafting a map that guides the diverse individual stories of the G. Mondini employees is at the forefront. Each team member has followed a unique educational path and possesses a distinct personal history, all converging at the company. In a manner akin to a caring parent nurturing their children’s growth, a leader fosters the development of their team members. Ego diminishes as others take center stage. It’s crucial to address issues involving people, promote inclusivity, and pose the question: ‘What new scenarios can be introduced that align with the company’s shared values?

Fostering Positive Organizational Culture

In his unique role, Davide goes beyond the usual HR tasks; he’s all about creating a workplace where everyone feels valued. The seasoned professional strongly believes in the transformative power of work to diminish social inequalities. Every time employees physically enter the company, it’s like stepping into a different world. However, there seems to be some confusion about remote work. In the post-pandemic era, the importance of in-person work has been rediscovered, a context Davide considered crucial. G. Mondini has introduced inclusive tools that are aligned with its managerial philosophy. For example, welcome plans for new hires and internal training programs have been initiated.

Importance of Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion

Diversity, equality, and inclusion are essential elements in today’s work landscape. Davide acknowledges the unique perspectives of different generations, advocates for the necessity of change, and emphasizes the importance of guidance and support. He further states that among younger generations, there might be more skepticism and a greater emphasis on the human aspect. Nowadays, collaboration and individuals are at the center stage. “People are the real asset; everything else is just a tool. It’s worth noting that studies indicate a failure rate of 70% for change initiatives that are imposed. People need guidance and support; imposing certain processes is futile,” says Davide.

Memorable Experiences and Achievements

In his capacity as Chief People & Organization Officer, Davide cherishes the moments when positive values drive the work environment. Even a simple coffee with colleagues becomes a memorable and emotionally impactful event in an atmosphere built on trust and mutual growth. Discovering opportunities for positive change has been really fulfilling for him. While making these changes may not always be a walk in the park, having the company’s best interests at heart, rather than personal ego, makes it more manageable. Gaining the trust of the ownership has been crucial, turning the journey into one of mutual growth.

Future Goals and Guiding Principles

Being a seasoned player in the industry, Davide is guided by the principles of honesty, integrity, and empathy that drive him in his work. These values serve as the foundation for decision-making processes and his efforts to drive change within the organization. Any proposed changes that contradict the company’s established values are naturally rejected by the employees. So, his objective is to continually deepen his understanding of the context in which he operates and to make decisions that align with the values and attitudes of the people involved. Additionally, Davide aims to foster an environment conducive to innovation while maintaining a steadfast focus on a fundamental aspect: continuous and multidisciplinary training.

Industry Scenario and HR Trends

There is a noticeable gap between how the business world operates and the perspectives held by national governments. Davide has witnessed this gap and hopes that this disparity diminishes over time. In the past, people were usually seen as mere cogs in a larger machine. But now, the focus is more on individuals and collaboration. Values are getting more attention again. The seasoned professional believes in being present at work and constantly interacting with others. Success comes from doing things, and sharing happens when people have common values and work together on a project that grows through collaboration.

Self-Description and Approach

When asked to describe himself in one-word or one-sentence, Davide replied that he resonates deeply with a HOLISTIC approach, reflecting his multidisciplinary education. He believes this approach is crucial for navigating the complexities of the contemporary world. The seasoned professional strives to extract the best insights and perspectives by delving into various fields.  “A quote that particularly resonates with me is: ‘The true innovator is like an artist; they can envision the masterpiece trapped within the marble of our prejudices’. I aspire to embody innovation in my daily endeavors while remaining firmly rooted in reality,” states Davide.

Advice for Aspiring HR Professionals

 Davide’s advice for aspiring HR professional’s centers around valuing people and recognizing their uniqueness. He states, “While training is crucial and provides a roadmap for navigating the complexities of the contemporary world, the human element remains paramount and indispensable. It’s essential to understand the unique characteristics of each individual, highlighting their strengths and working on their weaknesses to foster improvement. Recognizing that every individual is unique and irreplaceable, a leader should guide others on a journey characterized by shared values and a sense of equality among peers.

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