Blue Cross partners up to provide free access to fitness across Massachusetts

The National Fitness Campaign (NFC) and Blue Cross Blue Shield Of Massachusetts (Blue Cross) have collaborated to grow and expand the free, equitable access to outdoor exercises programs in communities across Massachusetts. These two will also be working with local towns and organizations to help build 15 New Fitness courts. This project will begin in 2022 with the goal of providing world-class fitness free and easily accessible to all.

Blue Cross is committed to helping people live healthy lives and eliminating the physical and social barriers that lead to health disparities,” said Jeff Bellows, vice president of corporate citizenship and public affairs at Blue Cross. “We’re proud to partner with NFC to build Fitness Courts across the Commonwealth to provide a communal gathering space and equitable access to premier free outdoor fitness opportunities.”

These new courts are designed in a way to provide efficient and powerful seven-minute full-body workouts for everyone, no matter how old or how energetic they are. Fitness Courts will be placed in public areas where people can easily access these workouts, enabling people to keep themselves fit.

To provide a smooth experience to people, over 30 pieces of body equipment will be available which can be used in a variety of ways. Furthermore, people can also download the Fitness Court App and take free digital coaching lessons. The app will provide a variety of workout routines that have been designed by fitness specialists.

Municipalities, schools, and other organizations can that have a publicly accessible area can apply for Blue Cross and NFC’s grant of $50,000 to assist in building the Fitness Court. NFC will work closely with the recipient authorities by planning, funding, and building the Fitness Court along with their fitness campaign.

“The National Fitness Campaign is proud to welcome Blue Cross as its state sponsor in Massachusetts,” said Mitch Menaged, founder of the NFC. “This program will deliver tremendous resources to contribute to the important mission of fighting obesity and improving health outcomes as the network of Fitness Courts® grows across the state. We look forward to working with Blue Cross to make this campaign a great success.”

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