blk. Expands its presence to 500 Walmart Stores

blk., an all-natural, pure alkaline beverage, has announced the expansion of it’s original beverage and two other flavors into more than 500 Walmart stores, after its success on the eCommerce website.

The drink is formed by something called a “fulvic fusion”, a combination of water and natural fulvic and humic acid, which imparts the beverage with its ironic black color.

blk., before arriving to Walmart, had proven to be a popular beverage, achieving quite a reach with its online presence and on social media.

The beverage contains trace minerals,  8+ pH, and electrolytes. This helps the product provide the power of a energy drink while at the same time maintain the purity and taste of water.

The blk. Portfolio contains thirteen different varieties available in 500ml bottles, with 3 of the varieties now available at Walmart from California to Texas. The details of the 3 products are:

  • Original: The classic blend of pH 8+ water along with fulvic trace minerals and electrolytes that. Deliver the beverage its iconic black color.
  • Dirty Lemonade: A lemon flavored beverage that contains the usual fulvic minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, electrolytes and immune boosters that wil quench your thirst.
  • Black Cherry: Has the same contents as Dirty Lemonade but has cherry flavor to it.

“We’re proud to expand our partnership with Walmart, which has an extensive store footprint that will allow others to discover the amazing benefits that this functional beverage can provide,” said Sara Bergstein, CEO of blk. “We know that our product is unmatched in terms of nutrients. Fulvic acids have been utilized in many cultures for centuries and have been documented in hundreds of independent professional studies to remove toxins from the body, help with digestion, and more. Now customers can easily access these nutrients by picking up a bottle at a Walmart near them.”

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