BingX launches its much-requested “Feed” Function

BingX, a social trading crypto exchange, has announced the official launch of the “Feed” function which allows traders around the world to share their idea and discuss market trends live with other people.

One of BingX’s visions is to bring traders and investors together. It’s the community that has been vocal about the necessity of social features in the investment process. Hence, BingX listened to their demands which allows the traders to have a more flexible experience to traders.

Professional traders will be able to share their views and opinions regarding the crypto market and at the same time, can also learn from other traders as well.

On the other hand, it lets investors know how trading works and what are the different strategies used by some of the top traders in the world. The Feed transmits live comments in the form of easy-to-read graphic messages which lets users keep track of the local financial market.

This launch will help in the development of crypto-asset investment in a very professional manner, enabling newcomers to earn more profits and seld value.

“It is essential that BingX continue to explore different avenues that are directed at bringing the crypto community closer and we are doing just that. The crypto space moves at a rapid pace, and as a result, it might be a bit difficult for traders to keep up with everything that is happening. Information is power and we want our traders and users to be well informed and be able to interact with each other. The Feed will change how users interact making information more accessible for users.” – Communications Manager at BingX, Elvisco Carrington


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