Authenticom launches ContactVia

The automotive retail industry’s leading data solutions provider, Authenticom Inc. has announced the launch of ContactVia, which is a software solution that enables automotive retailers to give their customers a choice about how they want to hear from their car dealership.

Through ContactVia, the customers have freedom of selecting their desired modes of communication for example they can choose to receive email, text, or a phone call. Along with that, customers can now also choose the type of information they will receive like service reminders, recall updates or vehicle purchase opportunities.

Furthermore, the customers will be given complete data about what and how their information is being distributed to other service providers. This is an important step that will help car dealers to closely manage the customer’s personal details.

Once consumers have shared their personal details and preferences, the automotive retailers can securely use that data for internal use or can provide this data to approved solution providers that are reaching out to consumers on the dealer’s behalf. Consumers and dealers can access the data at any time by utilizing ContactVia’s shared preference portal.

“Today’s consumers want personalized and reliable experiences for their buying needs. Now more than ever, consumers want to have a say in how they interact with organizations and how their personal information is used,” said Authenticom Founder and CEO Stephen Cottrell. “ContactVia provides the easy button to assist sellers in creating a preference-based communication relationship with their customers. Ultimately, this will help strengthen relationships ”

ContactVia has already been integrated into DealerVault by Authenticom. DealerVault Ius Authenticom’s cloud-based web platform, which leverages Microsoft Azure and allows dealers to view and modify current data feeds, check the status of its vendor programs, and able to manage many different stores with the click of a button.

By allowing customers to have a choice about how they want to receive new information, the marketing efforts made by the retailers can become an extremely efficient process.

At the moment, ContactVia initial customers are automotive retailers,  but the company is making sure that the service is available To other consumer-based industries as well.

“Meeting consumers where they want to interact isn’t specific to just the auto industry,” Cottrell said. “It’s a universal phenomenon that all marketers need to embrace. Meeting your customers on their terms strengthens relationships and leads to more business.”

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