A global study says that most people believe that artificial intelligence could help their mental health better than humans

In the background of the current situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, most people are facing numerous problems be it physically, financially, or mentally. The lockdown and isolation have definitely proved to be harmful to the mental health of humans who are said to be social animals. It is said to have negatively affected 78% of the workforce across the globe. The Oracle and Workplace Intelligence, which is an HR research and advisory firm, has made a deep study and has come to a few conclusions.

They conducted a study across 11 countries including 12,000 employees, managers, HR leaders and C-level executives. The study has shown that the pandemic has increased levels of stress, burnout and anxiety in workplaces and around 82% of people prefer the help of robots to help with their mental health over other humans.

  The study also shows that:

  • More than 70% of the global workforce is facing more stress at work this year as compared to previous years
  • This seems to have affected 78% of the global workforce with stress (38%), loss of work-life balance (35%), burnout (25%), lack of socialization (25%), and loneliness (13%).
  • Apart from the daily work-related pressures, the pandemic has added to the already heavy load of pressure to the workers. These include pressures to handle tedious tasks, meet performance standards, and juggling between home and work at once.
  • 85% of workers complain that their work-life stress is affecting their personal lives as well.
  • The common symptoms seen in people dealing with stress are sleep deprivation, reduced happiness, decreased physical health, etc.

People facing difficulty with their mental health are turning towards technology rather than people to help cope with their situations. People feel that robots would have a non-judgmental perspective towards their problems, unbiased and would have quick responses to health-related questions. 80% of the people are open to the idea of having a robot instead of a counselor. People also agreed that Artificial Intelligence has decreased their workloads by automating major tasks and providing vital information that is required to complete their tasks. Few people also say that AI decreases their workweek, therefore increasing their vacation periods.

Mental problems at workplaces are not new in this fast-growing world. But evidently, the pandemic has added to the miseries of people facing these kinds of problems. Around 76% of employees all around the globe feel that their companies can take better steps to focus more on the mental fitness of its workforce. The companies themselves have been trying to improve the facilities provided for the mental stability of their employees during the COVID-19 pandemic. The workers are facing innumerable problems. They complain that there is no distinction between their work and home life. 42% also say this stress and anxiety caused by work pressures are steadily reducing their productivity.

This study was conducted between 16th July and 4th August 2020. The research was focused on people mainly of ages between 22 years to 74 years. They were recruited from various websites, sources, etc.

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