Amador Bioscience acquires A2PG

A global translational sciences and clinical pharmacology CRO, Amador Bioscience, has announced the completion of its acquisition of Ann Arbor Pharmacometrics Group (A2PG) that is a firm situated in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

“Amador Bioscience’s mission is to leverage our extensive industry experience, global presence, and ecosystem to provide global-standard services for efficient development of novel drugs. We are thrilled to join forces with the A2PG team to strengthen our global leadership in clinical pharmacology,” said Dr. Bing Wang, Amador CEO and Chairman of the Board. “Established 15 years ago by renowned Pfizer pharmacometricians and statisticians, A2PG is a world-class consulting team known for advanced, efficient, and high-quality pharmacometrics services. Amador and A2PG share common core values and offer complementary services. Bringing the teams together will allow us to offer a far more robust array of client services, all under one roof, and across the globe. We can’t wait to move forward and see all the accomplishments that this acquisition allows us.”

“A2PG has a great environment for training young modeling scientists,” said Dr. William Jusko, Distinguished Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences at SUNY Buffalo and scientific advisor to A2PG. “I’ve worked with scientists just entering the pharmaceutical field for decades. The training system at A2PG enables scientists to become competent and knowledgeable modelers within a short timeframe.”

“Working with Amador is going to help us stay at the forefront of biopharmaceutical development and pharmaceutical sciences,” said Dr. Sunny Chapel, A2PG Founder, and CEO. “A2PG excels at the parts of the process that we handle, and Amador is likewise excellent at its specialties. With the companies merged, we’ll now have specialized experts to cover every step of the clinical pharmacology process.”

With its completed acquisition of A2PG, Amador Bioscience will be able to transform into a global translational science and clinical pharmacology CRO that will assist and support various stages of clinical development.

Dr.Chapel, the CEO of A2PG and CSO of Amador Bioscience, will lead the growth of the clinical pharmacology business around the world. The company will be keen on providing top-notch services on very short notices. Furthermore, Dr.Chapel and her team will also be working with various local universities and play a big role in the making of the next generation of pharmacologists and Pharmacometricians in the United States, Europe, and China.


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