Uoni Launches the Flagship Robot Vacuum V980 Plus in the US

Uoni, The provider of home cleaning solutions, has announced the launch of Robot Vacuum V980 Plus which is a brand new smart home cleaning robot vacuum. Implementing Japanese design and craftsmanship, Robot Vacuum V980 Plus will be able to give smart home cleaning solutions.

“During the last 18 months, cleaning has become integral to daily life as people have been working-from-home and doing their best to keep their homes free from illness-causing elements, and we know cleaning can be stressful and time-consuming, which is where the team at Uoni is looking to make a difference with stress-free cleaning,” CEO of Uoni says.

This new version of the smart vacuum provides a very wide portfolio of features that make it different from the older generations of robot vacuums.

The new vacuum for accurate navigation come with a customized 8th generation lidar navigating system and ASAR V9 dynamic route planning system along with 25 sets of sensors that makes sure that the cleaning is done as efficiently as possible and with accurate obstacle detection.

This robot has been calibrated to work autonomously without any external supervision of previous generations vacuum.

And in addition, the vacuum also comes installed with a special antibacterial mop to effectively maintain the hygiene of the place plus stop any bacterial growth.

The vacuum comes with a Japanese NIDEC brushless motor that easily cleans up dirt, which creates an even more relaxing and comfortable work from home environment during this Pandemic.

Has an ultra high power dust collector for quick dust collection in 10 seconds and a 99% waste disposal rate, vacuum has a total capacity of 4.3L capacity and can collect dirt for up to 30 days which gives users the comfort of taking out the garbage once a month.

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