Portalz Pty Ltd: Guarding Your Data against Quantum Cyber Threats

Traditional cybersecurity solutions are struggling to keep pace with the evolving tactics of cybercriminals. As technology advances, so do the methods used by hackers to exploit vulnerabilities. Therefore, there is an urgent need for new-age cybersecurity solutions that can adapt and respond to these ever-changing threats effectively.

Innovative cybersecurity solutions are crucial to safeguarding sensitive information, protecting digital assets, and ensuring the integrity of online systems. By investing in cutting-edge technologies, organizations can enhance their cybersecurity posture and stay ahead of cyber threats.

Portalz Pty Ltd enters the scene as a prominent player. Founded by Wolfgang Flatow (CEO and Inventor), the company stands out as a top provider of state-of-the-art cybersecurity solutions specifically designed to tackle today’s most complex and critical security challenges. With a passion for innovation and a commitment to safeguarding digital assets, Wolfgang leads his team in developing advanced solutions that confidently empower businesses to navigate the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape.

 Meet the Tech-savvy Leader

Throughout his four-decade journey in the IT field, Wolfgang has been involved in various facets. It all began at the dawn of personal computing in the 80s, crafting programs for Xerox, Commodore 64 and Amiga, Atari ST, Apple II, Macintosh, and IBM PCs

In the early stages of his career, he developed specialist calculators, simulated planetary orbits, and created games. Notably, his Joker Poker game was bundled with Commodore PCs and then ported to six PC brands. Wolfgang designed and developed a groundbreaking client queuing application for Q Systems Perth in 1990, controlling numerous peripherals and featuring innovative user interfaces, that sold globally to governments, social security agencies, and businesses.

Between 1991 and 2001 Wolfgang worked for software companies like Southern Group, Rio Tinto, and I Need Hits in Perth. In 2003, he founded CertainEdge Pty Ltd in Brisbane that commercialized his patented Universal Database Schema (UDS).  Subsequently, he and his team created UniDap, a rapid application development (RAD) enterprise platform leveraging his UDS architecture. UniDap provides effective solutions to government and business entities across the globe.

Wolfgang has continued R&D in pursuit of improved IT architecture and solutions to universal system problems, including:

  • Universal Taxonomy – a global categorization ID standard
  • Standalone Trust Platforms – immutable data systems without distributed blockchain
  • Guaranteed Security – impenetrable data and enterprise systems security

In 2018, he began researching complex numbers and the infinitely complex Mandelbrot Set. Two patent-pending technologies emerged: 1) Fractal Asset Management – visible fractal asset tokens residing in and secured by fractals and 2) Fractal Transformation – universal fractal data encryption. “Fractal Transformation led to the formation of Portalz Pty Ltd in 2022.  Fractal security R&D has led to a rich and versatile new art and science, revolutionizing cybersecurity, particularly in the Post Quantum era,” states Wolfgang.

Unparalleled Protection Against Quantum Attacks

Wolfgang proudly states, “Our Fractal Transform IP delivers ‘security certainty’ to cybersecurity; a critical breakthrough and paradigm shift from the current ‘everything is crackable’ baseline.” This revolutionary advance offers unparalleled protection against Quantum Attacks orchestrated by well funded criminal hackers, weaponized AI and Quantum Computer decryption.

Portalz’s mission is to deliver guaranteed Fractal Transform Data Hardening for personal and enterprise computer systems. The company has launched Quantum Bunker® for Windows, your personal data, password, and login Fractal Vault, the first able to guarantee impenetrability of Vault data. Portalz is also expanding to deliver Quantum Bunker® to other operating systems and to bring Fractal Transform security to files and databases.

Starting with Quantum Bunker, Portalz brings solutions for a secure future with guaranteed protection from Quantum Attack

As a key player in cybersecurity, Wolfgang knows that governments, military, intelligence agencies, corporations, and individuals depend on classic block encryption methods, which are now vulnerable to quantum attacks. Portalz offers a guaranteed solution to the most significant cybersecurity threat in history: the imminent danger posed by Quantum Computer decryption of classic encryption.

Quantum Attacks combine hacker resources, AI, and Quantum Computers to crack fortress defenses and break classic encryption to access protected data. In contrast to classic encrypted ciphers, Fractal Transformed ciphers cannot be cracked by any means, including Quantum Computers.

Fractal Transformation: A New Era in Cybersecurity

Fractal Transformation is Portalz’s cybersecurity breakthrough; data is secured in the Mandelbrot Fractal. Unlike traditional block encryption methods, Fractal Transformation operates differently. It acts over the entire payload with a continuous unique fractal stream, rendering the original data inaccessible, it no longer exists in the cipher.

Unlike classic encryption, Fractal Transformation cannot be compromised through brute-force attacks; there is no finite algorithm or finite key set.

The fractal dimension is infinitely complex, unique, and unpredictable.  Fractal Transformation creates a portal between the physical and fractal dimensions that only you can open.

R&D: The Journey to Impenetrable Cybersecurity

Classic block encryption methods safeguarding communications, servers, storage drives, files, and passwords are penetrable. They have proven vulnerable to conventional and Quantum Computer breaches.

Six years of R&D has resulted in the creation of patent-pending Fractal Transformation IP, marking a breakthrough in achieving impenetrable security.

Data protected by Fractal Transformation offers a guarantee of impenetrability. The cybersecurity strategy at Portalz revolves around the concept of Impenetrable Data Hardening, involving the eliminating of plain-text sensitive information from storage drives, networks, and computer memory.

By incorporating Fractal Transformation we eliminate cybersecurity risks at the data level. This approach works hand in hand with classic Fortress security measures. In the event of Fortress security breach, sensitive plain-text data remains inaccessible in files, databases, or RAM.

Ethical Cybersecurity Considerations

Wolfgang and his team meet and surpass all regulatory security standards. Under his leadership, the Portalz team prioritizes ethical considerations, particularly concerning privacy, safeguarding personal and private information, and shielding against Quantum Attacks.

While breaches in government and corporate security dominate the news, Portalz is deeply concerned about the devastating impact on individual users.

Their goal is to show a world plagued by cyber threats from hackers, AI, and Quantum Computers that a guaranteed solution exists. They have a new security foundation to build a new security future.

New Encryption Standard

Portalz’s vision is founded upon Fractal Transformation, aiming to integrate or replace classic encryption methods currently in use. With the emergence of AI and Quantum Computer threats to classic encryption there is a pressing need for alternatives. This echoes a historical event when DES was compromised in 1996, leading to its replacement with AES. However, replacing AES today comes with significantly higher costs and challenges due to the exponential growth of global IT.

Now the entire global IT community, including governments, militaries, intelligence agencies, corporations, and software developers, faces the critical decision of selecting the next encryption standard. While NIST is selecting ‘quantum-resistant algorithms’, Portalz brings guaranteed impenetrability.

Fractal Transformation is built on entirely new foundations, ensuring guaranteed cipher impenetrability by any means, including Quantum Computers. It is a new art and science that does not correlate with classic encryption algorithms, offering a new foundation for cybersecurity. “Whatever the new standard, it will be expensive to implement; choosing the most effective solution is critical. We are very excited to offer a guaranteed solution” says Wolfgang.

Unveiling the Menace of Quantum Attack in Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is clearly in disarray, including the new threat of Quantum Attack , a combination of:

  • Government, intelligence, and ransom-ware funded Hackers
  • Global hacker repositories and resources
  • AI-powered hacker code generation and attack strategies
  • AI/Quantum Computer integration and ‘cyber aware systems’
  • Quantum Computer cracking of classic encryption
  • Secret Deep State Hacker Technologies

These pose significant risks of criminal infiltration, privacy breaches, service disruptions, reputation damage, ransom demands and theft. IT systems face continuous attack resulting in theft of money, sensitive data, trade secrets and identities. Ransoms are demanded, privacy is violated, and confidence in systems is shaken, often leading to bankruptcy for both companies and individuals. Wolfgang believes that if cybersecurity were effective, such breaches would be rare. However, such breaches are, unfortunately, quite common.

Emerging Trends Shaping the Cybersecurity Industry

According to Wolfgang, primary concern for emerging cybersecurity revolves around weaponised AI fusion with Quantum Computers. This concern has been underscored by urgent memos issued from the White House to all departments, instructing them to devise strategies to address this issue, a sentiment echoed by governments worldwide. It appears that Impenetrable Fractal Transformation has come into existence just in time. “Our solutions directly target these threats, significantly improving current and future cybersecurity,” says Wolfgang.

Quoting Einstein “You cannot solve a problem with the same mindset that created it”, Wolfgang states “The solution to classic encryption Quantum Computer vulnerability requires new foundations at the core of encryption technologies”.

Impenetrable Products

 Serious about your privacy, your personal and professional data security?

Quantum Bunker® provides unequaled security assurance and guarantee.

The first guaranteed impenetrable storage of personal information, Quantum Bunker® secures keys, passwords, logins, banking, and private information in impenetrable fractal vaults:


Quantum File Bunker brings the same impenetrable security to your sensitive files – targeted for 2025:

Portalz Fractal Trust integrates Fractal Transformation, Blockchain Immutability, and DNA Flexibility – targeted for 2026:


Fractal Transformation Components for developers – targeted for 2025:

We foresee greater focus on Data Hardening of information at rest and in transit,” says Wolfgang.

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