Maree Moscati: Visionary Leader Helping Deliver Unparalleled Transcription Services

One of many practices that industries adopt to reduce time wastage and the chances of potential errors during the implementation or even brainstorming of complex processes is documentation. It sets the expectation, the limitations and is the perfect way to keep everyone informed and also on the same page.

Documentation helps one go over and over a meeting and important discussions during it to understand and analyze it thoroughly. More so, the dynamic nature of the financial sector and the recent pandemic, have made it imperative that one must learn how to do business in different ways. The pandemic sure has pushed things further and changed the way business is conducted forever.

The industry scenario has embraced more and more technology in a world that is ever demanding better communication, more engagements, deeper relationships, and a myriad of ways to communicate. Documenting and memorializing one’s communications is so much more beneficial to the client, the advisor, and the firm when done immediately after one’s meetings or conversation. And this is where Maree Moscatti and her team at Copytalk LLC step in.

Ms. Moscati is extremely passionate about the financial services world because she has experienced it first-hand. She knows what needs to be done to survive and how advisors have the power to positively impact one’s financial life and future. She brings over 30 years of experience within the financial services industry. Over these years, she has served as a Compliance Director, an advisor, Trust President, and Divisional Brokerage manager.

Decoding Copytalk

Copytalk is a premier dictation service employed across industries and trusted by leading financial institutions. Copytalk’s services meet the broad need for documentation.

Mobile ScribeTM records and transcribes dictation on the go;

Digiscribe transcribes everything from meeting notes to uploaded media;

Enterprise records and transcribes notes from conferences, meetings, and committees;

CopytalkerTM Fintech Integration embeds Copytalk service directly into CRM’s or advisors dashboard or workstation – which eliminates the need for a phone or APP.

Copytalk’s latest technology, Dictation Guides allows advisors and their teams to create structured templates with the flexibility to update and change according to their practices. They have also created a Reg BI dictation guide that can be customized for firms according to their Compliance rules and regulations. Copytalk employs only live transcriptionists working in-house at locked down workstations within one of their securely managed transcription facilities. Given the current pandemic situation, some work in-house, while a subset works remotely.They are unparalleled in their delivery of accurate transcriptions, impeccably formatted, and prepared in line with protocols that protect the client’s privacy and safeguard their security.

Staying Competitive and Ahead

Ms. Moscati, the CEO of Copytalk, believes in the simplicity of the technology, the best in class for customer service with the focus on innovation and responsiveness to the client’s needs. She is a firm believer in meeting and speaking with the clients Copytalk serves to see what they are doing right, what needs improvement, and what needs does one has that they are not currently meeting. Coming from the advisory world, she finds that both firms and advisors alike are most willing to share their “pain points” so that service providers like Copytalk may create technology innovations to meet those needs.

She also welcomes the competition. “I learned early on to complement your competition. Competition makes you stronger as a firm – One must simply point out why YOUR firm is the premier firm and what sets you apart from others. And, a leader must always encourage their teams to strive to be the best every day we serve,” says Ms. Moscati.

Making her mark as an Entrepreneur

Ms. Moscati’s journey as an entrepreneur has been riddled with many roadblocks and challenges. The first challenge was garnering confidence. She was a woman in a sea of men in the financial arena. In the early stages of her career, there were very few women in the world of wealth and most were challenged in many ways. “ However I never let anyone see me sweat and I always stayed true to who I am as a person, my ethics and belief carried me through. It also was very helpful for me to have some wonderful mentors (and most were men) that really coached and guided me through my career and some still do today,” reminisces Ms. Moscati.

She advises the budding entrepreneurs to “Never give up, get a mentor that you trust and inspire to be and be your own person. Learn, listen and ask a myriad of questions. Plan. Plan and then Plan some more.”

Ms. Moscati’s success has been acknowledged by several industry awards and recognitions, including the Bank Insurance and Securities Association (BISA) recognizing her with inducting her into their prestigious Hall of Fame and awarding her a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Ms. Moscati was also recognized as one of the Top 10 Women CEOs in 2021 by Industry ERA and recognized as a top tech leader by MYTECHMAG. Her career allowed her insight and knowledge of what firms and advisors are up against to meet the stringent regulations within the industry. Being able to positively support the industry with leading technology and understanding and knowledge of regulatory and privacy mandates is critical in today’s environment. Her vision inspires her Copytalk family to provide the best-in-class service to all those they are privileged to serve.

A Note to the Future

Ms. Moscati plans to continue leading Copytalk to heights beyond where they are today. With an incredibly talented and dedicated team, this goal is very attainable as they have proven through her ten years tenure here. Her future goals are to continue to be a thought leader and speaker for the younger generations, especially women on career maximization and attainment.

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