Lithia & Driveway collaborate with City of Medford to support local sports park

The city of Medford and Lithia & Driveway have announced that they will be collaborating for naming rights opportunities for the multi-sports complex in a 5-year partnership. The complex is currently known as the US cellular Community Park.

Their sponsorship will result in a change of name to “Lithia & Driveway Field” if the partnership is approved by the council on January 1st, 2022.

Plus, the $725,000 donation from Medford’s automotive retailer will hasten up the turf replacement of the park’s 15 fields. Along with that, the money will also provide for marketing and advertisement to spread the park’s reputation as a regional sports destination.

A new logo for the park will also be designed by the city and the company. And so the signs along various routes such Interstate 5, South Pacific Highway, and Lowry lane will be changed to attract a huge population whole drive by the park.

“This is an exciting opportunity to partner with a great community leader in Lithia & Driveway,” City Manager Brian Sjothun said. “The partnership will help the City further promote recreational and competitive sports offered for the area and to those who travel to Medford for tournaments and events.”

The park has hosted over 550 tournaments and 55,000 games of soccer, baseball since 2008. This has generated about $125million in revenue in total.

“We’re thrilled to play a key role in fostering local and regional sports in the Rogue Valley,” said Bryan DeBoer, Lithia & Driveway’s President, and CEO. “The valley is our home base, and this special sponsorship of the sports fields embodies our Lithia 4Kids efforts to provide opportunities for young people in the communities we serve.”

“Advancing community engagement is a goal we champion at Lithia,” said DeBoer. “Parks bring diverse user groups together where we compete, play, and enjoy the outdoors together.”

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