Kia America recorded a record-breaking volume of 394,333 vehicles.

Building on the strong retail sales of 2022, Kia America recorded a record-breaking volume of 394,333 vehicles, representing an impressive 18% increase compared to the first half of the previous year. In terms of retail sales alone, Kia sold 362,933 vehicles in the past six months, reflecting a significant 17% growth compared to the first half of 2022. June concluded on a positive note for Kia, with a total of 70,495 units sold, marking an 8% increase from the same period last year. This consistent growth in year-over-year sales for 11 consecutive months demonstrates Kia’s sustained success.

Notably, eight Kia models experienced sales increases in the first half of the year. The Carnival saw a substantial rise of 74%, followed by the Seltos with a notable increase of 64%. The Sportage witnessed a healthy growth of 37%, while the Soul and Forte enjoyed increases of 26% and 20%, respectively. The Telluride, Sorento, and Niro also contributed to the positive trend with sales boosts of 18%, 10%, and 9% respectively. Kia’s electrified models experienced a remarkable 40% increase in sales, while SUV sales surged by 25% during the first six months of the year.

Eric Watson, the Vice President of Sales Operations at Kia America, attributed the continued success to the positive response from consumers regarding Kia’s improved range of durable SUVs, sporty sedans, and innovative electric vehicles. He also acknowledged that production improvements, addressing previous supply shortages caused by the pandemic, contributed to the strong sales performance. Kia’s core SUV models, including the Sportage, Telluride, Sorento, and Seltos, as well as the Niro, Soul, and Carnival, all experienced year-over-year growth. Watson also expressed optimism for the future, with the launch of the flagship EV9, an all-electric three-row SUV, expected in the second half of the year.

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